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Customs Declaration and Documentation
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Level 3
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7.2 Warehousing and Distribution
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This unit covers the work of Customs and the declaration procedures involved. Includes definitions and legislation relating to Customs requirements.   


Describe the legal authority of the Customs department

Describe the organisation and work of customs and excise

Describe the reason for government control of imported goods

Describe the process for Customs control of imports and exports

Explain how entry of imported goods is done including:

  • Examination of imports
  • Import Entry Form
  • Provisions Entry Form

Describe the correct use of Customs house and ships papers for clearing goods

Explain the import entry procedure relating to the importation and exportation of goods in international trade

Explain the export entry procedure relating to the importation and exportation of goods in international trade

Describe preparation of a ship’s file including:

  • Want of entry list
  • Short landed list

Explain importing and exporting formalities in accordance with government control

Describe the shipment of stores in accordance with Customs requirements

Describe how refunds, remissions and rebates are done through Customs


Describe Customs requirements regarding the following:

  • Sorting of parcels
  • Entry of goods imported by post
  • Trade goods & parcels
  • Assess goods
  • Clearance of port consignments of trade parcels
  • Clearance of the balance
  • Warehousing of post parcels
  • Missing or lost parcels
  • Examination accounts
  • Payment of import duty
  • Import duty schedules
  • Clearance of parcels by direct assessment
  • Parcels declaration
  • Goods entered provisionally
  • Examination post parcels
  • Assess parcels
  • Uncleared or unclaimed parcels
  • Re-importation of parcels
  • Packets by letter post

Describe the structure of the Customs and Excise Act including schedules

Explain the reasons Customs entries are necessary

Describe compulsory stops including landing permits

Explain the definition of  Customs terminologies in common use

Define ‘stores’

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